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How to build an effective "Street Team" for flyer distribution.

First of all the key word here is "team". Team implies that a few people will work together to accomplish a common task or to achieve a common goal.

Here's what works when distributing 5,000 flyers in less than a week with little effort.

1- Start with at least 10 people (it can be done with less, but more is better).

2- Dived them into 5 groups of 2.

3- give each group 1,000 flyers.

4- each individual person now has about 500 flyers.

5- have each person distribute a MINIMUM of 100 flyers a day. At this rate you can literally hand out 100 flyers a day person to person. If the person decided to place the 100 flyers on windshields and doors.... they can expect to finish in about an hour!

That's right, you can easily distribute 500 flyers in about 5 hours with very little effort.

Now GO and promote your product, service or ministry!



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